5 ‘normal’ things that are killing your sperm, fertility


Many men who suffer infertility are the actual cause of their own woes while a large number of men are presently setting themselves up for the same woes with lifestyle choices.

Some seemingly normal things could have serious negative impact on your sexual health and your fertility by extension.

Fortunately, some of these things are easy to correct before they become too much of a worry.

If you are a man, you need to read an adjust:

  1. Placing laptop on your lap. Yes, it may be called a ‘LAPtop, but your personal computer may end up making you infertile. Researchers at the State University of New York at Stony Brook found a direct correlation between laptop use and increased scrotal temperature which can be up to 35˚. This heat increase has harmful effect on spermatogenesis – the process of male gamete formation. Stop it.
  2. Huge veins on the penis. This one seems strange but scientists say varicose veins – varicocele, may hamper sperm production by interrupting blood flow, overheating the scrotum and/or causing blood to back up in the veins supplying the testes. You might need surgery to improve semen quality if this happens. Unfortunately, about 15% of men have it.
  3. Thick boxers, heat-zones, hot tub moments. The human testes does not function properly when it’s hot, which is why the male anatomy naturally creates distance between the testes and the core body temperature. If your job requires you to stay in hot areas – like ovens at bakeries, or you wear clothes that create heat down there, you’re at risk. Scientists say if the temperature of the testicles is raised to 98˚, sperm production will cease and be affected to a long while. Wear light clothing and underwear that allow air.
  4. Cell phones in front pocket. You will do yourself a lot of good by not putting your cell phones in proximity of your reproductive organs. A sex expert compares having a cell phone in your front pocket for a long while to carrying a microwave around. Studies have also suggested that this phone-in-pocket habit caused lower sperm counts, motility rates, and penis morphology (shapes). Carry your phone in purses, bags or briefcases if you can
  5. Overweight. Obesity is known to reduce sperm count, even though only extreme levels of obesity may negatively influence male reproductive potential. However, when compared to normal men, obese fertile men have reduced testicular function and significantly lower sperm counts, according to a WHO study.

Watch out for all these and make lifestyle amends because your sexual health is very important.

An adjustment here or there will don a lot in the long run.


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