Makeover Magic: Volun-tees Interior Design students help R&C Mind


Volun-tees at Teesside University were approached by a group of Interior Design/ Architecture students who were seeking an opportunity to gain experience working on a live project for a client as part of their design portfolio. We contacted all our community organisations asking for design proposals. We chose R&C Mind in Redcar who provide essential advice and support to people experiencing mental health problems.

R&C Mind had asked for a group from Teesside University to refurbish their multi-function meeting room which is used as a meeting space for service groups and client support workers to meet one-to-one. They wanted the room to radiate calm and be used as a quiet oasis where people can feel relaxed. They requested that the colour scheme and artwork should reflect this. Being a mental health charity, they realise how important good interior design is to their clients to improve their mood and mental wellbeing.

The group of interior design students applied this idea with their artistic talents to reinvigorate the room. They created a floral art mural on one wall that reflected a calming mood. The use of light purples and greens added a soothing tone that contrasted well with the plants in the room. On the other wall, they used a light green paint that again, is a colour that calms your mood and makes you feel relaxed. Nick Murray, R&C Mind, “The students had a challenging brief to transform our multifunction meeting room. The room is used for both one-to-one meetings and group activities. The students came up with some innovative ideas e.g. for a new notice board and a cover for our flat screen TV. The room in its new form has been used for a couple of months now and it has been unanimously well received by service users, volunteers and staff alike. People find the space definitely more welcoming and relaxing than it used to be.”

Leah Becker, one of the Interior Architecture students “Thank you for putting together

this project I have enjoyed the time I spent on it and the things I have learnt working for a client on a live project. I would never have learnt without this opportunity. Volun-tees are very grateful to R&C Mind for providing such a great opportunity. “

Jo Garbutt, Student Volunteer Co-ordinator, Teesside University



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