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Theatre Témoin are looking for 20 supernumerary volunteer performers for the production of Routes at Stockton International Riverside Festival in August 2018.

Routes is an interactive promenade show built with a team of refugee, migrant, and British-born artists that explores perspectives on “Homes” and “Others”. Originally inspired by The Caravan street theatre project in Lebanon, Routes combines true and devised stories to create a layered tale that aims to start a dialogue about what we think and feel about the people we pass by each day on the streets, in relationship to our perspectives on self and home. Using live and recorded music, as well as playful short-form games and audience participation, Routes interweaves 4 distinct British and refugee narratives together to tell a heartfelt and memorable story of division, hope, and belonging.

Supernumerary volunteer performers will be a key part of the performance, working in teams to operating one of our four large puppets.

You will receive full training on the day with a workshop showing you how to operate the puppets.

You’ll then take part in four 30-minute promenade performances throughout the day alongside our team of professional actors.

No prior performance experience is required to take part.

Supernumerary Volunteer Performer Requirements

* Aged 14+
* Good core physical strength as you will be manipulating fairly heavy puppets over open ground
* To be available from 12pm to 7pm on performance days (Saturday 4th and/or Sunday 5th August)

To take part

Please email Michelle at if you would like to take part with details of your availability (which day(s) you would like to take part) and why you would like to take part.

Role: Supernumerary Volunteer Performer
Dates: Saturday 4th and/or Sunday 5th August
Location: Stockton International Riverside Festival
Company: Theatre Témoin



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